Sew A Little Seam – Pet Movie Night Pajamas

Oh my goodness. Pajamas for ANIMALS?! Yes, please! Now our fur babies can join in the matching Christmas pajama fun! <3 Sew A Little Seam just released these Pet Movie Night Pajamas AND the Men’s Movie Night Pajamas this month. Just in time for Christmas! (Seriously though. How in the heck is it already the end of the year already?!) The pet pjs even has an option for sleeves. Oh yeah, and they are free! Make sure you join the Sew A Little Seam Facebook Group. You will find the codes for all the Movie Night patterns in the announcement post.

Testing this was pretty fun and seeing everyone else’s fur babies in their pajamas….All the heart eyes! (You definitely need to go look at all the photos in the pattern listing. Oh my goodness! All those cute animals!)

Here are the test fit photos! You most definitely will have to grade with this pattern (unless you have a wonder dog!). Peanut (the cat), was a size 1 neck, 4 chest and a 6 length/waist. On the next one I make for the kitty, I’m not going to grade for the length. I think it’s more comfortable for kitties to have it end before their little belly pooch, so just grade to whatever length the chest is. For Bella, she was a 4 neck, 7 chest/waist and an 8 length. I measured her back length wrong the first time (it’s such a weird measurement), so this one is a little short. I originally made it a 9 length, which was SO long. This is the 7 length. Just a little too short. The 8 was perfect! (Make a muslin!)

If you have a big jump between grading sizes, it can get a little tricky. This was my jump between 1 and 4. If I drew a line from the 1 neckline to the start of the 4 armscye, the front and back pieces wouldn’t match. You’re ruler will definitely come in handy! As you can see here, I added the difference to the front. You can do the same thing to the back piece but take it away (since the back was the longer one for me). It doesn’t really matter how you do it, as long as the shoulder seam on the front and back are the same length. The same thing will apply if you have a large grading jump between the chest and waist. You may need to lengthen/shorten one of them so they will match. You definitely want to do this. Do not just stretch it to fit. You will be more satisfied with the outcome if you don’t cheat. 😉 Grading and lengthening/shortening information can be found on page 4 of the pattern.


Here are Bella and Peanut modeling their new pajamas!

Max also loves to sit on our fur babies… haha. Those poor animals… But he loves them so much!

These pet pajamas are seriously so cute and they were the icing on the cake for our family pictures! I’m pretty sure we all need to make our pups and kitties some jammies! They won’t get too mad, right?

If you make some of these, link me! <3

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